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"I have been playing about 6 months, and although my game isn't perfect if I need to work on something I go to YouTube and watch the Discraft clinics. All in all you guys do a great job and thank you for delivering a wonderful product." - Scott Bickish
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Pro Clinic: Turbo Putts
This unconventional putting style can be very useful in certain situations.
Added: Apr 25 2013

Pro Clinic: Better Putting Practice
Turn putting practice into a game for a fun way to improve your skills.
Added: Mar 29 2013

Pro Clinic: Straddle Putts
Straddle putting is a critical technique that you should have in your shot mix. Scott Papa shows you how it's done.
Added: Jan 31 2013

Pro Clinic: Choosing Your First Discs
New disc golfers will quickly understand the basics of choosing discs. Learn about stability, disc ratings, weights, plastic differences and other general concepts that are critical to choosing the right discs for your skill level.
Added: Jun 4 2012

Pro Clinic: Approach Basics
Discgolfer Magazine's Instructional Editor Scott Papa walks you through the essential elements of the mid-range approach shot.
Added: Mar 20 2012

Pro Clinic: 5 Tips to Save 5 Strokes
Disc golf pro Brad Schick boils down his years of success into five tips that can help you trim five throws from your next round.
Added: Feb 2 2012

Ultimate: USA Ultimate Promo
A motivating general overview of the sport. From USAU.
Added: January 10 2012

Ultimate: 2011 USAU College Championships
CBS Sports finals highlights from Boulder, Colorado.
Added: May 29 2011

Pro Clinic: Distance With Dion
2010 Distance Champion Dion Arlyn teaches you how he gets maximum distance out of today's high speed drivers.
Added: Sep 20 2011

Pro Clinic: Win Before You Begin
Top pro Liz Carr on prep strategy.
Added: November 15 2010

Pro Clinic: Grip Tips
Four disc golf pros show you how they grip it and rip it.
Added: September 15 2010

Urban DG in the 313
Pro disc golfers invade downtown Detroit
Added: August 3 2010

Pro Clinic: Distance Driving Techniques
Pro rookie of the year Jeremy Koling demonstrates the three most common styles of distance throws
Added: July 22 2010

In The Bag: World Champion Eric McCabe
2010 champ Eric "E-Mac" McCabe explains what discs are in his bag, how he uses them, and offers advice.
Added: January 22 2010

Pro Clinic: More Distance Now
In one lesson, pro disc golfer Marty Peters takes three average players and corrects mistakes to add distance.
Added: July 16 2009

The Basics of Putting
Discgolfer Magazine's Instructional Editor Scott Papa walks you through the essential elements of good putting.
Added: June 4, 2009

Pro Clinic: Throwing Basics
Pro disc golfer and coach Scott Papa walks you through the essential motions and concepts of the disc golf throw.
Added: June 17 2010

In The Bag: World Champion Nate Doss
Nate Doss explains what's in his bag, why he throws it, and demonstrates his technique.
Added: November 4 2008

Pro Clinic: Getting Out Of Trouble
Mike Randolph demonstrates a number of techniques you can use when you find yourself off the fairway.
Added: November 13 2009

Pro Clinic: The Anhyzer Shot
Disc golf coach Mark Ellis and pro friends teach you about the trickiest shot you need to succeed: the anhyzer.
Added: September 2 2009

Disc Golf Pro Clinic: The Putting Confidence Program
Famous disc golf coach and pro Mark Ellis presents this in-depth program that guarantees your putting success.
Added: June 6 2008

Disc Golf Pro Clinic: Shot Selection
World Champion Elaine King instructs on shot selection strategies.
Added: May 22 2008

Disc Golf Pro Clinic: Overhead Shot Techniques
Thumbers and tomahawks: disc golf pros show their overhead shot techniques.
Added: May 7 2008

Pro Clinic: Long Distance Drives
Seven disc golf pros show you their techniques for distance drives.
Added: March 11 2008

2007 Disc Golf World Championships Final Nine Highlights
See World Champ Nathan Doss capture his second World Title
Added: August 15 2007

UPA Ultimate College Championships: 2007 Men's Finals
Highlights from the 2007 Ultimate Players Association Men's College Championship Finals between Wisconsin and Colorado.
Added: June 13 2007

UPA Ultimate College Championships: 2007 Women's Finals
Highlights from the 2007 Ultimate Players Association Women's College Championship Finals.
Added: June 13 2007

Disc Golf Pro Clinic: The Fastest Way To Improve
Discraft Pro Mark Ellis leads a group of competitive Am players in an exercise designed to reinforce the basics you'll need to grow your skills.
Added: April 13 2007

Disc Golf Pro Clinic: Making Long Putts
Four disc golf pros demonstrate four different and effective techniques for hitting 100 foot putts.
Added: December 05 2006

Discraft: Get Airborne
Inspire your disc sports passion.
Added: October 27 2006

2008 US Amateur Disc Golf Championship - Final Playoff
Tied up after regulation, two top Am disc golfers go into a sudden death playoff. You'll see how the action unfolded at AmNats 2008
Added: June 18 2008

Disc Golf PROfile: Cale Leiviska
Pro disc golfer Cale Leiviska is quickly making a name for himself. This fast-paced vid introduces you to Cale, his game and disc choices.
Added: August 17 2006

Disc Golf Pro Clinic: Forehand Drives
Pro disc golfers Mark Ellis, Mike Raley and 'Critter' Bill Themm teach you how to throw a forehand drive. Learn about different forehand grips, styles, shot options and disc selection.
Added: August 07 2006

Ultimate Women: 2008 UPA College Championship Finals
Highlights from the Final match between British Columbia and UC Santa Barbara.
Added: June 26 2008

Ultimate: 2008 UPA College Championship Finals
Highlights from the Final match between Wisconsin and Florida.
Added: June 26 2008

Disc Golf Distance Demo
Nate Doss and four other big arms gun some drives over the fence at a pro baseball game at Worlds 08.
Added: September 2008

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