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USA Ultimate

The speed... the spirit...
the excitement of Ultimate!

Discraft is passionate about Ultimate, and that's why the Discraft 175 gram UltraStar has been the world standard for Ultimate since 1991. Today there are 4.9 million Ultimate players in the U.S. alone, and virtually all of them throw the UltraStar.

The History
Discraft's 175 gram UltraStar Sportdisc was created and introduced to tournament play in 1981. Ten years later the UltraStar was selected as the official disc of USA Ultimate, a position that it has held for over 20 years.

Discraft UltraStar: official disc of USA Ultimate since 1991.

New lower minimums of custom supercolor UltraStars. Order as few as 25 custom discs.

About the 175 UltraStar
See why this disc is used for every USAU championship event around the globe.

What Is Ultimate?
Learn the basics of the game.

Ultimate Swag
Show your spirit with Ultimate t-shirts, hats and other gear.

The Discraft 175 gram UltraStar
Custom Disc Printing
Your disc, your attitude... your artwork. USAU members get a 20 percent discount on custom UltraStar hot stamp orders! Pricing info
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What is Ultimate?

Prime Time Ultimate: AUDL

USA Ultimate
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Russian Beach Ultimate
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Ultimate News

Discraft UltraStar US retailer chains

Discraft UltraStar now in 1900 US retail locations

UltraStar is now hitting the shelves at 700 Hibbett Sports locations in May, which means your disc is now available at over 1900 US chain store locations.

If you need a disc, please visit your local Hibbett Sports or one of the other listed retail chains in the month of May. If we can swarm them this month, these businesses will quickly begin hustling to cater to all your ultimate needs.

If you find a retail chain location that is out of stock, ask to speak with the manager and tell them you'd like a Discraft UltraStar official ultimate disc. Game on!

New look retail UltraStar

The new look UltraStar will be the standard at retailers in 2016

Ultimate players who visit sporting goods stores in 2016 will be seeing this new look for the UltraStar. The hot stamped version with original logo will continue to be available to those who request it.

NEW green and pink stock UltraStars

NEW green and pink stock UltraStars

Ask your retailer for green or pink stock UltraStar from Discraft.

Low cost, factory direct UltraStar and J Star misprint practice packs, and more.

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