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Team Discraft's Kevin Tomasaitis

Kevin Tomasaitis / Team Discraft NAME: Kevin Tomasaitis  
PDGA #: 24218
2013 PDGA RATING: 1001
BORN: 1981
day gig: Facility Coordinator at Fairlane Grounds
  • 1st Inflight Open 2005
  • 1st Motor City Open 2007
  • 1st Byron Big D 2007
  • 1st Motor City Open 2010
  • 1st No Foolin 2010
  • 1st Pinball Pines 2010
  • 1st Thrills at the Mills 2010
  • 1st Farm Classic 2010
  • 2nd CCR Super Tour 2011
  • 2nd Hickory Hills 2011
  • 1st Michigan Fall Fling 2012
  • Top 10 @ 15 A-tier events
    CCR 2011. I went into the last round not expecting too much. I was comfortably in 3rd, but 5 back from the leaders Geoff Bennett and Ziggy B. Out of nowhere, 5 holes in, I am one back of Geoff and 2 in front of Ziggy. With 7 to play Geoff misses a tough 40 ft putt for his two. I have a 12 ft putt for my 2, and to go up 2 strokes. I cage it, and Geoff didn't look back. Still shot the course record but let an A-tier slip through my fingers. I was happy for Geoff to get his long deserved first Super Tour victory, but trust me I wanted to rip it away from him. But not too shabby for two guys who grew up less than a mile from each other in Canton, MI, to be sponsored pros, and having success in this great sport.
    Kevin's Disc Golf Tips
    Kevin Tomasaitis / Team Discraft I come from Michigan, where it's rather cold for several months a year. Some choose hibernation and hope to start fresh every spring. But most in Michigan have the desire so bad, they'll play in a foot of snow at zero degrees. How do they do it? It does take a small investment, but you must have the 'must haves.' Waterproof socks and boots are key. Many, many layers, and don't skimp on the gloves, a good pair of gloves goes a long way to keeping you're game's best instrument comfortable.

    To beginners in the world of competitive disc golf: PUTT PUTT PUTT. It isn't the name of the game, but it should be. Practice correctly and often.

    A key I have found in throwing a long drive is rhythm. You don't need a huge run up or a 360 approach. All it takes is a smooth straight release. Again, practice makes perfect, well not all the time, but mostly.
    Course Comments
    The Farm
    Farmington, MI
    Designed by Mark Ellis, tough little course less than a mile from my house.
    Brent Hambrick Temp Course
    Columbus, OH
    My first recorded +1000 rated round. Beat and tied many of my disc golf heroes at the time. Always has a special place in my heart, it's when I officially decided to turn Pro.
    Blue Gill
    Wayland, MI
    A private course owned by Joe Gill, an amazing layout with water, elevation, and even some man made obstacles. A true gem.
    Hudson Mills
    Dexter, MI
    Played my first round of disc here in 1997. Two 24 hole layouts with short and long tees. It truly is, has, and always will be the mecca of disc in south eastern Michigan.
    Flip City
    Shelby, MI
    Bill McKenzie is a god in Michigan. The course runs throughout his his 90+ acre backyard. A tough course set on rolling hills, most pin placements leave scary putts. This course rocks and is a must see for any avid disc golfer.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    ESP and Z Crank
    (max weight)
    These are the fastest discs ever created. They added +40 feet of distance to my drives immediately. I carry several versions with varying stabilities.
    Z Mantis
    (max weight)
    I love this discfor quick turnover thumber shots, often winding my way perfectly through tight wooded holes.
    Z Force
    (max weight)
    An absolute joy to throw. An overstable long distance driver never fails me in any type of wind.
    Z Predator
    (max weight)
    A true Discraft classic! I just started throwing it last season, and it is a spike hyzer's dream come true. It usually is the first line I look for when I step onto a new hole.
    Z Stalker
    (max weight)
    A genius mold that I can't live without. It is a great straight line driver that has a stable finish. I carry two, one a little more beat up, and a brand new one for tight tunnel hyzers.
    Z Flick
    (max weight)
    I strictly use this disc for long range overhand shots. If you are looking for more distance on your thumber/tomahawk drives, this is the best disc out there. When there doesn't seem to be a true line, look up, bombs away.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    Z Buzzz
    (178 gm)
    Truly the greatest disc. A straight flyer that goes on whatever line you send it on. It has an easy grip for beginners and flies so much better than that "other" competitor's midrange.
    ESP Drone
    (175 gm)
    Easily my favorite disc of all time. It holds the truest hyzer line known to man. It will battle any headwind, and finish stable no matter the release angle. A true gem.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    D Focus
    (max weight)
    The greatest putter in the history of the game. Trust me, I have putt with every putter ever produced, and this blows them all away. A straight stable flyer that will save you strokes all day long.
    D Magnet
    (173.5, I weighed it)
    I do believe it is the best selling disc in Discraft history. So all those people can't be wrong. Dead straight with great float, sometimes it seems almost effortless.
    D Rattler
    (173 g)
    Mark Ellis introduced me and many others to this fabulous catch disc. And after throwing it so well while warming up, it entered my bag. I use it for those bonus deuce runs from 150 and in. A great trick shot disc and recommended for anyone just learning the game.

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