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Team Discraft's Adam Olsen

Adam Olsen / Team Discraft NAME: Adam Olsen  
HOMETOWN: Cedar Rapids, IA
PDGA #: 26100
2013 PDGA RATING: 1010
BORN: 1979
CONNECT:     Titan Disc Golf Shop
day gig: Community Based Social Worker
disc cred:
  • 50+ PDGA wins at 220+ events since 2005
  • 7th, 2010 World Championships
  • 2010: won 10 of 30 events
  • 1st, 2010 Legion of Doom
  • 2010 IL State champ
  • 2007 Greater Des Moines Challenge Champion
  • 2007 Legion of Doom Champion
  • Finalist, 2006 PDGA Pro Rookie of the Year
  • 2006 DGTV Fall Open Champion
  • 2005 United States Am Champion
  • Turned pro in first year of PDGA membership, 2005
    At this point I enjoy traveling every weekend and competing. I tend to pick the tournaments in which I think are run the best and courses I like. I enjoy traveling with friends, seeing the city in which we go to and trying local foods. I have met a lot of great people over the years.

    Some key moments:

    1) Winning the United States Amateur Disc Golf Championship. It opened up a whole new world for me and I got to stay with FUN and AMAZING people.

    2) Winning the DGTV Open. I love the events Timmy Gill runs and how he treats the players.

    3) All the traveling I did in 2006, the people I met, and played disc golf with. I have a better understanding what type of player I want to be. I know who and how I want to mold my game and conduct myself after.

    4) The Des Moines Challenge was a good time. Very tough course, as well as my 2nd A Tier win. I didn't play well the first round but made it up with a very strong performance at Ewing Park. The second day we started off at Big Creek and Cale Leiviska had an ace on his very first throw of the day. I later aced on hole 17 the same round. I thought that was great and had never seen two aces on the same card.

    5) 2010 was a good year for me. I refocused and got back to playing the way I feel I should and can. 2010 World Championships was a top 5 disc golf moment for me. The entire tournament was like something I've never experienced.
    Adam's Disc Golf Tips
    Practice in the Wind
    Try not to go out on just the nice sunny days. Practicing in windy conditions gives you a better idea how to putt and the different angles you need on your disc for each direction the wind is blowing. Practicing in the wind also gives you a chance to learn how your discs fly and also how to trust your discs. When the conditions are windy I try to 'club up'. For example: on a calm day with a straight 275-foot shot I would probably throw a Buzzz. But with a moderate to strong head wind and the exact same shot I would probably throw a Predator. In this situation I don't have to throw the disc as hard and I know that a Predator will fight through the wind, giving it a straight flight, and it is a very predictable disc.

    Joys of the Jump Putt
    I have really taken to jump putting. I think it is one of the strongest parts of my game and I am very confident with it. I developed the jump putt by watching several top pro's doing it. What works for me is, lining up, aim for a specific chain in the center, keep my feet close together, and take off some spin when I jump putt compared to when I putt in the circle and stand still. I like to keep my feet close together because I feel I am using less motion and can explode towards the basket.

    Adam Olsen / Team Discraft Always Learn, Always Grow
    Recently I have begun to throw forehand. This has never been a strong point for me but after seeing the advantages of throwing forehand I realized I had to learn it. I started by throwing touch shots and as I began feeling comfortable with that I completely stopped throwing backhand for a month or so to just practice. I started out with several grips and realized I like having two fingers under the rim and can get the most distance out of it. I think this part of my game still needs work but now when I am on the Tee pad I don't question whether I can execute the forehand throw if that's what I need to throw.

    Play Positive, Play the Course
    I see new players easily getting down on themselves and getting frustrated. This took me some time to learn and is still a learning process. Take the time to watch, read, and listen to other pro's and how they handle situations. Best advise I still have had is play the course not who your competitors. Don't worry about who you are playing against. Focus on what is in front of you and execute.

    Learn from the Best
    If you get a chance to shoot with them, here's some of the disc golfers I look up to and have enjoyed playing with in particular order. Brian Schweberger: fun and outgoing. Timmy Gill: positive and always seems in control. George Smith: very laid back and one of the most aggressive players I have seen. Bard Soleng: lot's of energy, focused, and positive. Does not let the game get the best of him when it is not going his way. Eric McCabe: impressed me the most this year. Cool, calm, and composed. If can play the way he finished the last half of this season he can be one of the best players in the world. Michael Johansen: played my first pro event with him in 2005. Michael was kind and insightful. I just enjoyed watching him play and how excited he was to be on a disc golf course. I have never seen so many jump putts made in one round.

    This 'n That
    For more distance, try a power grip. Try different discs, practice on a course and an open field. Practicing by yourself helps a lot because you can focus on your throw, you can throw multiple times, and you just spend more productive time focusing on yourself and your game. I learned a few years ago from some veteran players, when throwing up hill have your run up be from an angle. For example if you throw rhbh, run up to the disc from right to left rather than just straight on. This will help you generate more power, distance, and accuracy.

    Course Comments
    West Lake Park
    Davenport, IA
    Probably the toughest course I've played. It's 24 holes, has every kind of shot, elevation and a lot of out of bounds.
    Wildcat Bluff
    Urbana, IA
    Wildcat is on a bluff on the edge of the Cedar River. Wildcat is 100% homemade between the tee signs, baskets, benches, and tee pads. The crew of 7 guys relentlessly work on the course. There are constant changes and improvements. The shots require speed control and precision. There is also a lot of elevation. Take some lunch and spend the day at the park. It's secluded and you will meet some great people.
    Pickard Park
    Indianola, IA
    Pickard is well maintained and every shot is required. There are rolling hills I like everything the course has to offer.
    Maple Hill
    Leicester, MA
    When I was learning to play disc golf I watched the MSDGC videos constantly. This was a hole other world for me and I loved the idea of competing after college. I was then able to play it in 2008. The course was everything I thought it would be and had a great experience.
    Warren, VT
    This was the first true mountain course I played back in 2008. There is tons of elevation and long mountain shots. Vermont is also a very cool state to check out and travel.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Drivers
    Disc Comments
    Z Force
    (max wt)
    I've been carrying the Force since early 2008. It's a staple in my bag and I carry 3 of them. From overstable to a really beat up that I use for hyzer flip up shots and rollers. The Force is one of the most used discs in my bag.
    (165 - 174)
    The OS is one of my favorite discs. I have three of them. One is brand new and incredibly overstable. The second is seasoned some but is still trustworthy in the wind or guided. The 3rd OS is 165 grams and is beat up. I can do almost any shot with this disc. I love throwing the OS for forehand shots as well.
    Z Predator
    (max wt)
    I carry two Preds. One brand new for hyzers and headwind. The other is slightly used and straighter. I use the Pred for shots around 300-350 feet. Been in the bag since I joined the team in 2005.
    Z Avenger
    (max wt)
    Another long time staple in my bag and a favorite. It is my go to fairway driver and I carry 3 of them. I used the Avenger for flat hyzers, turnover shots and rollers.
    Z Tracker
    (max wt)
    The Tracker is a really good fairway driver. It has less stability then an Avenger and is slower. I use two for straight tunnel shots, turnovers and rollers. It too has been in my bag for awhile now.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Midrange
    Disc Comments
    Z Buzzz
    (max wt)
    Love the Buzzz! It is my favorite midrange and probably my most liked disc ever. I carry three flat Buzzz's. It is great in the woods and has a lot of glide and carry. Seasoned Buzzz's are great because they hold the flight for a long time and once they start to turn late, there is nothing better. In my opinion of the all time great discs.
    FLX Drone
    (max wt)
    Short and incredibly overstable midrange. I don't use it a lot but when I do it is for hard hyzers and strong head winds. Drone is usually thrown for shots around 225-275 feet."
    Z Buzzz SS
    (max wt)
    It's straight right out of the box and trustworthy.
    Z Hornet
    (max wt)
    The Hornet is a newer addition to the bag within the last two years or so. I like it because it is less overstable than the Drone but can handle wind and holds better than a Buzzz.
    Z Meteor
    (max wt)
    I put the Meteor in last season after a buddy of mine was telling me often I need to try it out. Thrown with hyzer, the Meteor will stand up go straight for a long time and then turn late. It has taken me a little time to learn but has found a permanent place in my bag.
    In The Disc Golf Bag: Putt and Approach
    Disc Comments
    D Challenger
    (max wt)
    I carry four Challengers: two for throwing and two for putting. I've carried the Challenger since 2004 and the only putter I care for. It has great glide and I have made good shots and putts with it over the years.
    Z Zone
    (max wt)
    I preach the Zone to everyone. It has a small diameter, it's got a low profile, stable and is very forgiving. When brand new it is stable and good for windy days and hyzers. Once they get beat up they are fantastic. The Zone is a disc I see many Iowan's and midwesterners throwing today. I have two Zones in the bag.

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