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Distance Drivers
- Crank (X, Z, ZL)
- Crank SS
- NUKE (Ti, Z, ESP, FLX, X, D)
- NUKE SS (Ti, Z, ZL, X, FLX)
- Force (D, X, Z, ZL, ESP)
- Surge (D, FLX, ESP, Z, X)
- Surge SS (FLX, Z, ZL)
- Pulse
- Spectra
- Heat
- Avenger (D, X, Z, ESP, FLX)
- Avenger SS
    (D, X, Z, ZL, FLX, ESP)
- Mantis (Z, ZL)
- Flick
- XS (X, Z)
- XL (D, X, Z, ESP, FLX)
- Flash (ESP, Z)
- Wildcat
- Crush (D, Z)

Fairway Drivers
- Stalker (Z, Ti)
- Tracker
- Predator (Z, ESP, FLX)
- Cyclone (D, X)
- Xpress (X, Z)
- Zombee
- Impact
- Glide
- Stratus (D, X)
Midrange Drivers
- Buzzz (D, X Z, ESP, FLX, Ti)
- Buzzz OS
- Buzzz SS
- Comet (X, Z, ESP)
- Meteor (Z, ESP)
- Hawk
- Wasp
- Hornet
- Drone (D, Z, FLX, Ti)

Don't see the disc you're looking for? It may be a discontinued model.

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