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Z Line XL™

The XL™ is one of the farthest flying discs ever made, and is hugely popular with new players. Easy to control, and holds an almost perfect line on big throws. Former world distance record holder of 693 feet.

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Available in:
Pro D, X Line, Z Line, ESP, FLX

Nate Doss

I use this disc for very accurate drives. Most of them are from left to right as the XL is an understable disc, but it's very, very accurate and doesn't fly as fast as some other discs, which makes it easier to control.
-Nathan Doss, 2005, 2007 and 2011 World Champion

"XL is great for tight shots! I bust this baby out whenever I am out playing a wooded course with tight gaps. I also love it as a turnover disc. It can hold its line a long time before coming out."
-Liz Lopez

Liz Lopez
Scott Papa

"This is an old favorite and I still consider it to be my most controllable driver. With it's comfortable rim and deliberate flight, this disc just doesn't allow you to make big mistakes. A great driver for those just getting into the game."
-Scott Papa

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