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ESP Meteor™

The Meteor™ fits nicely into our midrange lineup next to the Comet™, and delivers steady, controlled turnovers with a lot of glide... even at slower speeds. Or release it at a seven o'clock angle for a nice smooth hyzer.

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C.R. Willey

"I like the Meteor for straight and anhyzer shots. Once again Discraft shows that it has more expertise in delivering performance discs to players with less arm speed -- which is most everyone besides the biggest arms -- and the Meteor is a welcome addition to my bag."
-C.R. Willey

"The ESP Meteor is easy to throw and fun to watch fly. Beginners and experts will enjoy throwing this disc because it flies straight right out of the box. I've removed my beat up D Wasp and now can grab any new Meteor for straight or left to right shots. It's not too flippy at higher speeds either, especially when thrown with a slight hyzer."
-Adam Goodman

Adam Goodman
Jon Drummond

"The Meteor has great lift! You barely have to throw it and it just rides. It holds a beautiful line and is super controllable."
-Jon Drummond

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