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X Soft Challenger™

Whether you're putting or throwing hard, Soft Challenger won't flip over in moderate winds. Players love the extra grip they get from Soft Challenger for a consistent release putt after putt.

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Available in: X Line

Bord Soleng

This is my all-time favorite putter. Soft Challenger has the grippiest feel for all weather condition putting. It is a little overstable and I use this to my advantage. The Soft Challenger will fly straight and break to the basket late and just in time.
-Bord Soleng

Incredible putter and approach disc. I love the Soft Challenger for putts inside 40 feet, straddle and one knee putts. Place it on the right line and watch it go in. Very consistent and slightly stable. Gets up and down when you need to save a par.
-Bryan Moore

Bryan Moore
Shane Seal

"Super tacky feel to this plastic is just what the doctor ordered. I really like the grippiness as I am a spin putter."
-Shane Seal

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