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First run Z Mantis

It preys on chains.

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It preys on chains:

First run Z Mantis driver

The 2013 Discraft Ace Race disc was a huge hit with thousands of players, and now you can get it in Z plastic!

We made some tweaks to the earliest copies of the Ace Race version, which was available only in Titanium plastic. First run Z Mantis is slightly less overstable than the Ti predecessor. It is nicely domey with a lower profile to the nose, making it even more controllable at medium to slower speeds while delivering a lofty glide.

Experienced players can make it flip flat and fly, newer players will love the controlled distance.

First run
Z Mantis distance driver

Stability rating: 0.8
Suitable for all skill levels
Available weight range: 167 - 176 gm

Photos: large | medium

Arriving in stores next week. Ask your retailer for first run Z Mantis.


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