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2006 Big D In The Desert
Former Distance Record Holder Chris Max Voigt

Discraft Offers $10,000 Big D Bounty! Each year, the biggest of the big arms gather in search of the next distance record. It's called Big D in the Desert, and Discraft is proud to announce our $10,000 Big D Bounty. Set the new record* with a Discraft driver, and the cash is yours. The event is scheduled for Oct 16 - 17 at the California / Nevada state line, so make plans fast to be there for Big D!

  • When: October 16 - 17, 2006
  • Who: Event is open to anyone
  • Competition: each day from 10 am until 6 pm
  • Sactioning: Official WFDF sanctioning
  • TD: Chris Max Voigt, with the kind support of Mark Molnar
  • Where: at Ivanpah Dry Lake, California (Primm, Nevada, at the NV state line, about 40 miles out of Las Vegas) alternatively at Roach Dry Lake (right next to it, but in the state of Nevada conditioned upon the permission for the use of Ivanpah Dry Lake).
  • Entry fee: $20 USD, 80% payout, all entry fees in cash at the location
  • Tournament Hotel: Whiskey Pete's right at the Lake.
  • Format: 15 shots per day, 5 per round, one after another thrower as usual
  • Registration: Chris Max Voigt

*Details of Discraft $10,000 Big D Bounty

The following two conditions must be met for a player to be awarded the Discraft Big D Bounty:
1) Player must have the longest official throw of the 2006 Big D in the Desert competition, and that same throw must be deemed under WFDF rules to be an unqualified and official new world distance record.
2) Player must fulfill the above conditions using an official PDGA approved Discraft disc.

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