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NEW Z Machete
NEW Jawbreaker APX, Roach
NEW Supercolor Mini Buzzz
NEW Big Z Archer
NEW X Thrasher, Undertaker
Maximum Minis
Jawbreaker plastic
Big Z Thrasher
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June 2-4, Milford MI - Jion us for the sport's most exclusive and prestigious Amateur disc golf event: USADGC! The Toboggan Champinship course awaits, and only one will walk away with a national title. Who will be next?

You want to #growthesport with bigger and better tournaments, and Discraft has got you covered with a renewed sponsorship program to get your event growing faster than ever! Let's do this!

Team Discraft

Team Discraft welcomes 4X Women's World Champion Valarie Jenkins

Team Discraft is so very proud to announce the addition of a globally respected athlete and ambassador: please join us welcoming current and four-time Women's Disc Golf World Champion, Valarie Jenkins.

Michael Johansen

MJ joins Doss in top ten world rankings

For many years Michael Johansen has been terrorizing disc golf pros in and around his home region of NC, but life obligations have largely kept him off the road. Despite not competiting in many of disc golf's bigger events, it is with complete satisfaction that we congratulate him on joining teammate Nate Doss in the PDGA's top ten ranked players in the world. The latest rankings have MJ jumping to 7th place overall with a rating of 1028, just two spots behind #5 Nate Doss, rated 1029. Congrats MJ!

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Chainstar: Putt With Confidence

The Player's Favorite
Putt with confidence. The Discraft Chainstar is available in basic, removable and stand mounted models.

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New players can be overwhelmed by the choices of discs... here's where we break it down for you.

Plastic Blends
What's the difference between Z and ESP? Learn more about the different lines of plastic blends we offer.

Distance Drivers
Technology, engineering grade polymers, design innovations... put them all together and you get our latest, greatest maximum distance golf discs. These discs are the cutting edge.

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Want a disc that flies far, but is easier to control? Look here.

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Different discs have different flight characteristics, and each Discraft disc is rated for its overall stability. Look here to quickly understand our rating system.

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If you're running a tournament or club event, we've got great fundraisers for you.

Team Discraft
From top regional pros to World Champions like Nate Doss, these are the players whose success on the disc golf course begins with a bag full of Discraft discs. Learn more about who they are, where they've been, what they throw... and most importantly, why.

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Team Discraft pros will show you how to improve your game.

Huge deals on misprint packages.

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From our popular Chainstar baskets to bags, minis and apparel, Discraft has the disc golf swag you want.

Fly Dyes and Glo discs
Colorful fly dyed and glow in the dark discs.

Here you'll find an ever-growing stockpile of information and entertainment. Logo and disc photo downloads, course installation help, photos, feature articles and more!

Disc golf misprint deals, clothing and exclusive Discraft gear.


Choosing your First Discs

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What's New

NEW! The low profile of Discraft Machete is built to slice through the wind and into chains with unparalleled predictability. Use it with brute force to easily manage a headwind, or more like a scalpel for on-demand placement precision on a hyzer or flex shot.

Here's what Machete can do:
  • Slices through moderate to heavy headwinds
  • Delivers predictable placement precision
  • A medium-width rim fits comfortably in most hands
  • Very overstable but slower than Nuke OS, adding control
  • Gives a distinct edge for forehand and overhead throws
Machete is in stores now. Ask your retailer.

Jawbreaker APX and Focus

APX and Focus: now in Jawbreaker plastic

Introduced in 2016, grippy Jawbreaker plastic has quickly become the player's favorite for putters. We've added two additional models to the JB lineup: Jawbreaker APX and Jawbreaker Focus are in stores now!

Maximum Minis from Discraft

Moar Minis!

Mini Buzzz is disc golf's new addiction, with events and leagues cropping up just for the thrill of throwing it. You demanded more. We listened.

In stores now are enough new minis to get your mini game up to full speed: Ask your retailer for new Discraft minis!

Anhyzers, hyzer-flips, rollers and trick shots are all in the bag when you pick up a copy of Discraft's new Archer driver. Finally, a disc that performs magic like the Stratus, but in durable, premium plastics!

Thrasher is the new super quick distance driver that gets slower arms huge shots while still being completely big arm friendly. Now available in Z FLX and Big Z plastics, along with the original Z model.

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