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NEW Big Z Collection
NEW Z Mantis
NEW Z Crank
X Nuke SS
X Force
X Avenger SS
Titanium Avenger SS
GLO Avenger SS, Comet
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Whether you've been running an Ace Race for the last 12 years, or are ready to host your first one, now is the time to register your local event and get onto the 2014 calendar! Get ready to run it at Ace Race!


NEW: Nate Doss In The Bag

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SuperColor printing

SuperColor design gallery SuperColor Design Gallery
Vibrant SuperColor discs from Discraft are catching fire for clubs, events, and promotions. See what some of our customers have already created.

Chainstar Disc Golf Baskets
Chainstar: Putt With Confidence

The Player's Favorite
Putt with confidence. The Discraft Chainstar is available in basic, removable and stand mounted models.

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So Many Discs, So Little Time
Not sure which golf discs are right for you? Read our Disc Selection Help Guide and get throwing.

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Disc Selection Help
New players can be overwhelmed by the choices of discs... here's where we break it down for you.

Plastic Blends
What's the difference between Z and ESP? Learn more about the different lines of plastic blends we offer.

Distance Drivers
Technology, engineering grade polymers, design innovations... put them all together and you get our latest, greatest maximum distance golf discs. These discs are the cutting edge.

Fairway Drivers
Want a disc that flies far, but is easier to control? Look here.

Midrange Discs
Get from the fairway to the basket with confidence.

Putter and Approach Discs
Find the putter that's right for you.

Stability Ratings
Different discs have different flight characteristics, and each Discraft disc is rated for its overall stability. Look here to quickly understand our rating system.

Chainstar Baskets
The player's favorite!

Custom Stamped Discs
Put your design on a high quality Discraft disc!

Tournament Sponsorship
If you're running a tournament or club event, we've got great fundraisers for you.

Team Discraft
From top regional pros to World Champions like Nate Doss, these are the players whose success on the disc golf course begins with a bag full of Discraft discs. Learn more about who they are, where they've been, what they throw... and most importantly, why.

Golf Disc Flight Charts

How To Video Clinics
Team Discraft pros will show you how to improve your game.

Huge deals on misprint packages.

Disc Golf Accessories
From our popular Chainstar baskets to bags, minis and apparel, Discraft has the disc golf swag you want.

Fly Dyes and Glo discs
Colorful fly dyed and glow in the dark discs.

Here you'll find an ever-growing stockpile of information and entertainment. Logo and disc photo downloads, course installation help, photos, feature articles and more!

What's New

What do Triston Covington, Brock Dowell and Nick Papineau have in common? They are all promising young disc golfers, and they're the first Junior members of Team Discraft.

You want to grow the sport with bigger and better tournaments, and Discraft has got you covered with a renewed sponsorship program to get your event growing faster than ever! Let's do this!

BIG stamps, standard molds, in a unique Big Z plastic! Introducing the Big Z Collection.

The 2013 Ace Race prototype disc is now the Mantis driver, and it's out in durable Z plastic for the first time!

This versatile driver has a touch of overstability, enabling control at slow or high speeds. Mantis is a utility driver for experienced players, and a distance driver for newer players. It preys on chains!

In stores now. Ask your retailer for first run Z Mantis.

We are confident that Z Crank will have a greater impact on the sport than any other release this year. Its got NUKE distance, with more control and a narrower rim for easier grip. The first runs will be future collectibles, ask your retailer for Z Crank!

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